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Da Doughnut Vault

2 May

The Vault Entrance via DV website

A crazy internet sensation here in the city.  The doughnut.  The luscious, fried, glazed, sugar dusted doughnut.  I was attacked by the Doughnut Vault via twitter and facebook with the lusciousness of these fried dough beauties.  Then thoughts of doughnuts invaded my mind.  As Homer would say “hmmmmmm doughnuts”.  All I could do is read about them, follow how quickly they would disappear, and think I NEED DOUGHNUTS.  NOW!  The question really is.  How are they?  And is it worth it?  Not just the doughnut itself but, the wait and the money.  Here is my Doughnut Vault quest.

The DV is located behind the Merchandise Mart, nestled in to the fantastic restaurant the Gilt Bar.  DV is tiny, you could miss it, but you won’t because of the large blue menu outside and the line of people waiting to order.  The only options are the doughnuts (vanilla, chocolate, chestnut, old fashion, gingerbread stack <you get 3!>, and sometimes a flavor of the day> and coffee, plain coffee.  So simple, so easy, and a great concept.

Right now there is a limited amount of doughnuts being produced each day.  When they are out they are out.  People don’t like this, but I actually find this refreshing.  The DV is creating a demand for their product and growing a strong base of followers who want their doughnuts.  I enjoy the fact that they respect the doughnut and their ability to create a high quality product.  Making doughnuts from scratch is a lot of fun, but it is a lot of work.  It is not like a Dunkin’ Donuts kind of operation, this is quality made with quality ingredients and care.  This is the real thing.  Thank you!

My quest for the elusive DV doughnut was exiting.  I planned to get there near 9:00am and I did not get there until 9:30am on a weekday.  So, I am working an hour behind on getting the doughnuts.  I drove there from the west-side and got a parking space right down the street from DV and Gilt.  The only thing I could think about is that I wanted a doughnut.  I wanted something.  I scurried down to the line that was only to the corner of the street.  I was surrounded by other doughnut waiting fans on a chilly Tuesday.  The day was thinking about rain, but it did not.

Slowly the line moved.  Only 5 or 6 people can fit inside the vault.  No really, it is that small.  A person leaves the shop with a box, <damn you, doughnut hoarder!> or a with a bag <yea, doughnut taster!>.  Then another enters the shop.  Some people come out and say….”no more vanilla”.  Yes this does happened and did happen.  Just like they post on FB and on Twitter.  The guests come out and tell the people in line that items are out.  I was worried and rightfully so.  I missed the vanilla, the chocolate, and then I missed the chestnut by 3 people. F@#%!!!

Inside the DV waiting.

All that waiting, about 40 minutes to come home with 2 doughnut stacks and 2 old fashion.  Hey, I am not going to complain.  I got something.  Some people leave the line because what they wanted ran out.  I was committed to the process; to my quest.  Was I disappointed that I did not get my chestnut?  Yea, but its ok.  It is the biz.  They got what they wanted, the sale, happy customers, and a hook.  The hook is I have to come back and get that doughnut flavor I wanted. Incredible!   I got my doughnuts and I got out of there as fast as I could so I could taste them at home with Mr. Big.

Gingerbread Stack and Old Fashion

First thing… The gingerbread stack is 3 doughnuts, not 1.  So $3 for 3 doughnuts.  Cool.  The stack is dusted with sugar and spice reminiscent of a doughnut I would get at a cider mill in the fall.  The first bite was like heaven.  Light and fluffy, very flavorful, and a balanced gingerbread spices.  A solid doughnut.  Not mind blowing, but very delicious and addictive.  After each bite all I could think about was a glass of apple cider.  Thumbs up to the gingerbread stack.

Old fashion.  Most people shy away from this doughnut, too plain, too simple.  All I have to say is do not pass this one by. Super moist inside, sweet, but not overly sugary; dense, but not heavy.  The glaze on it enhances the doughnut.  This is not flashy, but perfectly made.  I should have ordered more of the old fashion and I will.  This is a great $2 doughnut.  If your coffee is crying for a sugary friend, make this your coffee’s new BFF.

Empty Doughnut Bag From DV. Simple. So Classic.

All in all, the Doughnut Vault is worth the trip.  Each person’s idea of the perfect doughnut, cupcake, or ice cream is different. Some seek something more complex, more edgy, more classic, or mind blowing.  Some even search for perfection.  The fact is that individuals either grasp on to two ways to discover their of perfect flavors.  This idea is for another time.  And, yes I will be back to the DV to get what I wanted.  The chestnut doughnut.

Tip 1:  You want a doughnut from the DV?  Go early.  You are going to have to wait.
Tip 2:  If you want to make sure you get a doughnut from DV, go when the weather is bad.  Go when there is rain.
Tip 4:  Do not discriminate any of the doughnuts.  Love them all!

Doughnut Vault
401 1/2 N. Franklin Street
Chicago IL 60654

Sunday & Monday: Closed
Tuesday-Friday 8:30am-until out of doughnuts
Saturday 9:30am- until out of doughnuts