Tajin- What is this?

9 Sep

I needed to find some inspiration for some food writing and it was under my nose the entire time.  Well not the entire time, this product came to mind as I was slicing up a humongous watermelon.  I mean a big sucker.  So, today we are going to learn more about Tajin, a “classic seasoning”.  I never heard of this until some of my Mexican friend put it on cucumbers.  This magic red dust made items chili like, limey, and salty all at once.

Tajin as described on its webpage as “A delicious mix of 100% highest quality Mexican chilies with lime and salt; the perfect balance of spice and flavor.”  Indeed it is.   Many use it to enhance the flavor of fruit and it does this well, it adds as you see salt, spice, and some acid leaving the fruit you dust it on to be super sweet.  At the curling club the bar keeps spilt oranges with me and dust them with Tajin.  I also like to use this on mangos and melons.  It is delicious.

The company also makes Habanero Seasoning, Clásico Mild Snack Sauce, Chamoy Mild Sauce (has apricot), and Clásico Seasoning 25 Year Special Edition.  All these different dusts or sauces come in different sizes, so they are easy to travel with.  It is quite impressive.

Besides putting this seasoning on fruit you can also use it to season fresh salsa, line a margarita glass with it, season a michelada, season meats or seafood with it, heck use it on a ceviche, I bet it would taste great.  Maybe even some chocolate, popcorn, fresh chips, dips, etc…. The possibilities are endless.

Keep in mind once you purchase Tajin classico you should really try to use it as quickly as possible.  Once the humidity gets to it then it becomes rock solid.  This is a great seasoning really try to push yourself to give this product a try, if you can find it.  Once you taste it, you will fall in love with it.  I did!


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