Crazy Week

25 Mar

Ok.  My normal schedule has been shaken again by the crazy sport of curling.  I don’t know which direction to go here but both culinary and sport were covered in this USA National Mixed competition in Midland, Michigan.  I leave today to go back to the big city to fold back into my way of life.  Sitting here in my hotel room listening to Pandora New Order radio as I wait to have breakfast; I reflect on my time.

So, I can say I had some great wines, cocktails, brioche, french macaroons, foie, pork belly, coney dogs, lobster, ahi tuna, and more.  Feelings of fullness, sleepiness, and yes, disappointment enter my mind.  Burned out??  Yea, I think.  I can say I am looking for a smile, the white rabbit, a laugh, a win, or something.  Is what I am digging for really there?  Does it really exist?

Questioning the motivation and drive of others.  I seem to do that too often, but I do.  Will I ever reach my potential?  Will I ever become who I want to be?  My Peter Pan syndrome consumes me and controls me, wondering with some purpose and an open mind.  Who am I waiting for?  When will this bus come?  Blahhhh.

I can say this.  These projects are on their way:

  1. cakes
  2. pies
  3. sausage
  4. planting
  5. garden planning
  6. CSA stuff
  7. gallentine
  8. fish cakes
  9. trip to the East

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