Friday’s Are “What is This?” Day

19 Mar

As I stated in the land of Twitter, I have been coming up with new ideas for this virtual medium blog thing here.  I am thinking about a 30 minute free writing session post on who knows what or even a poetry thing.  Instead I am going practical and back to my Greek roots, well my classical Greek training in philosophy, mythology, and ancient greek language.  Note here I am not Greek; I have Greek friends, but I am not Greek.

Recalling the kick ass philosopher of Greece Socrates.  Yup good old So-Crates!  He is my inspiration here.  Why?  Because of his pursuit of knowledge.  He sought out the meaning of our own lives.  Socrates asked questions pertaining to overall human existence.  “Know thyself” or “there is only one good, knowledge, and one evil, ignorance”  A couple Socrates quotes to think about, but I am not here to write all about him and his ways.  I am more interested in my pursuit of knowledge.  There are so many things out in the world that I don’t know about, so I am devoting Fridays to the quest of knowledge, to finding something new in the culinary world.  Who know what I will find, eat, drink, or do.

I have also selected the proud owl to be the mascot for Fridays.  Why?  Duh, Greek mythology, man.  The owl represents Athena, the goddess of wisdom and of Athens.  Her symbol is the wise owl.  In mythology Athena was known to take shape of the owl. That’s a hoot.

My first “What is This” post has to do with a grapefruit I recently purchased from Whole Foods.  The melogold.  I go through major grapefruit craving throughout the year yearning for the bitter and the sweet.  Back to the melogold.

Melogold is a grapefruit hybrid: Citrus paradisi Macfadyen

A cross of an acidless pumello and a Marsh grapefruit, developed by the University of California in the 1950s.  These fruit also grow in clusters and are available for a short period during the year maturing in December and available through March.

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The name comes from the words mellow and gold.  Mellow because the citrus is low in acid, which it is (melo).  Gold obviously the citrus fruit is gold in color.  Slam the two to get Melogold.

The melogolds smell great,  taste a bit sweet, and are very juicy.  It is large, but there is a lot of pith.  There are many possible applications for this citrus fruit: candy the rind (great idea!), in salads, with fish, or chicken.  It is something different to try out, probably really good in the vitamix with some other citrus friends and a pineapple too.

More melogold facts

Random book review on Socrates called “The Hemlock Cup: Socrates, Athens and the Search for the Good Life,” that I found at the Guardian.


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