New Endeavours

14 Mar

I did something that  I have never done before.  Meet a set of complete strangers for dinner in the city.  Ok, I knew the food was going to be a safe topic and a fall back, but I had no idea what to expect.  It was a huge blind date.  I was kinda freaking, so I made Mr. Big come along to meet this food gang.  The plan all came about; as I recall on Thursday all out of no where.  I sent an email to the Ghost and he responded back (we have been playing tag in the virtual email world).  He informed me that there were going to be a few others coming, one of which was a chef.

The plan was to meet at Avec (yes, another Kahan restaurant) at 5pm (aka old person’s dinner time).    Mr Big and I show up at Avec and the Ghost is waiting for us.  Everything falls gently into place at the table with the 3 of us, but I know there are more people to come.  Then they arrived the Chef, the PhD, the Bandit, and the girl; a whirlwind coming to the back of Avec.  Wow….. it was electric, the 7 of us later to be 8 was amazing.

Conversation spanned food, NYC, Chi, crazy chefs, BYOB, french literature, travel, beer, wine, internet, twitter, Grant, Ruhlman, Polcyn, MC, new restaurants, classic technique, and more.  We had so much to eat, let’s see I can think of these dishes

  • Deluxe” focaccia with taleggio cheese, truffle oil and fresh herbs
  • Wood-oven roasted pork shoulder with root vegetables, fresh bacon and marinated napa cabbage
  • Whole roasted sonoma valley foie gras with roasted pears, candied walnuts and rosemary (top dish, needs acid)
  • Chorizo-stuffed medjool dates with smoked bacon and piquillo pepper-tomato sauce
  • Marinated hanger steak with white asparagus, artichoke and parsley aillade
  • Deviled egg crostini with crimini mushrooms, celery leaf and tarragon (nice surprise!)
  • Pan seared trout with clams
  • Bass along side octopus and clams
  • Pine nut tart with vanilla ice cream
  • Chocolate crepes with mascarpone and housemade ‘nutella’ (soooo nice)
  • Pistachio panna cotta with french macaroons

A true food extravaganza with some great people.  Where will this lead me to?  I have no idea, but I do hope for some new food adventures and some new friends.  I also intend to write for the ghost and see where that goes.  Lets build something that is new and fun.  It is something different and exciting, but it is the food that brings us together.  The Chef has a restaurant opening up and it sounds very cool and unique.  I hope to see more of that idea cross my computer in the near future.  Bandit and his elusive crew scatter around the city to find BYOBs and document their debauchery there. I am smiling like the cheshire cat, we are all mad here.

Food is something that unites complete strangers and evolves to discovering degrees of separation.  Is this really something or just a fleeting moment on a Saturday night?  I think it is something and I want more of it.  Now back to baking in my kitchen rave; the sugar and butter are beckoning me to return.

615 w. Randolph
Chicago, IL 60661
p 312-377-2002
f 312-377-2008


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