Sprouting Projects

9 Mar

As promised I will let you all in on what is growing in my kitchen, my projects.  I have my garden growing right now, I have sun gold tomatoes, moon and stars melons, sumter cucumbers, Florentine tomatoes, and eggplant.  Yeah!  I am very excited that the Italian tomatoes grew.  They taste great and are fairly large.  I am also going to get some climbing beans, maybe a pumpkin or two, zucchini, and peppers going.  Not to mention to revive the kick ass herb garden I got when we bought the house.

2 weeks in the sun in the little green house.

In other kitchen news I have been busy making biscotti for a boss.  I am sure the post will make it up one day on his site.  Biscotti are interesting cookies that last for a while, especially if you make a lot.  Dunking biscotti in milky coffee  or in a latte is great.  I would rather have a glass of Vin Santo to go with it, but I need to find a good bottle.  Hmmmmm I feel a wine adventure coming up with my obsession with sweet and stickies. For now I will stick with almond and chocolate chip.

Beets have also invaded the kitchen.  I made a Russian borscht with a beef short rib broth base from the March 1997 Bon Appetit.  Most excellent results with the recipe used.  The beets were roasted in the oven for an hour and a half, cooled, then peeled, and diced; with gloves on (so my hands don’t turn red).  The other cool beet project was a sweet pickled beets.  I have never pickled a beet, but I sure do love beets.  I did not start my love affair with beets until 2001 when I visited New Zealand for rugby.  Before then I would not eat them, they tasted like dirt; kinda funny since I am Polish and we always had them for Sunday dinner.  Now they are a power root vegetable for me & Mr Big.

For the pickled beets I used cider vinegar, water, salt, white sugar, brown sugar, cloves, cinnamon stick, and all spice berries.  Brought it to a boil then added the battonet of beets and simmered it for 20 minutes.  Then allowed it to cool and put it in a glass jar in the cooler.  I need to wait a few weeks and then boom, beet time.  Cool project.  Thanks Cookbook Archaeology.

The last thing I want to mention is that I did my first canning project.  Yeah, I know I am all over the show, but that is how my head works.  It is going to work this way until I actually sit down and get some focus in this blogging endeavour. I hopped on to Punk Domestics and found a sister post about canning clementines.  I had a bunch laying around and I went a head and did it.  Thank you Arctic Garden Studio and Simply Canning

Yes, I boiled, sanitized, made a sugar solution, and canned.  Check out these pictures.

I must say there is a lot going on in my head.  I need to practice saying what I do for my job, the adventures I go on, my curling path, and my life in general.  The spring is coming and focus is needed for the future of this blog and for me.  All in all it is a lot of fun.  Smiles or at the very least a smurk everyday. Ciao!


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