2011 Really??

7 Jan

OK… OK… I have been bad.  I have not written in quite sometime because of many reasons.  Like what?  Well work, moving to a new house, curling, testing recipes, traveling to Detroit, Christmas with my family, and so on.  I have managed to reflect on a lot of things that I do throughout my day and in my life as it stands now.  Some conclusions: kick ass.  Other conclusions: seem kinda cloudy.  I sound like the magic 8 ball.

In the meantime projects that have been completed have been:

  • Holiday Cookies
  • Breads: Bagels & Bagels
  • Ipad stuff (I also got one for Christmas)
  • Curling Stuff

In the mix projects are:

  • New Book
  • Charcuterie
  • Writing Class
  • Posting Recipes
  • Curling Playdowns

I know that I need to challenge myself each day.  I need to re-read the classic books that have molded me to be who I think I am.  I can not be afraid of who I really and where my interests are taking me.  The plan stands and I will succeed.  Oh, and I am going to Europe this summer.

I will post a Mexican brownie recipe and veggie chili some time this week.


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