Busy Baking

26 Nov

This past week I have been bogged down with two things.  My oral surgery and my baking project.  I can not reveal too much about my project,but I have baked 4 types of cookies in the past few days.  In that time I have begun to question the actual meaning of a cookie.  Kinda funny right?

Well it is pretty interesting to begin to examine the actual formation of the cookie.  Start to ask yourself questions about the essence of a cookie.  The sugar, the fat, the flour, the sweetness, or the savoriness.  What are the actual components that make a cookie?  How is a cookie different from a piece of candy?  How is a cookie different from a cake or a slice of bread?  Interesting.  No it really is. 😉

I will be able to reveal more of my project in the coming weeks, but know that my mind is at work and my hands are at play. There is nothing better.  I love my new job and my new role.

I can share with you that my chocolate chip cookie is coming along.  I am considering switching the light brown sugar with dark brown sugar.  The dark brown sugar adds a depth to the cookie a more complex sugar component because of the molasses in it.  I know I like the creaming process of this cookie and I will begin to add variations to this cookie base.  I need to get my naga chips, coconut flakes, and curry.  I have been dreaming about that combo for sometime, now my secret is out.  I have a secret combo coming out soon, but that will be shared later.

On a side note from this cookie explosion.  I have been thinking about a summer farmer market job with my cookie production.  I am going to cost out a summer business plan for my cookies.  I have more time in the summer and I hope to gain access to a commercial kitchen.  So there…

Oh, I have also been thinking about taking classes in writing again.

I thank you. 🙂


One Response to “Busy Baking”

  1. Babygirl November 26, 2010 at 6:15 pm #

    I think your plan is great..

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