Every Little Step Counts

17 Nov

My life either in the kitchen, work or on the playing field has always lead me to do one thing and that is to set goals.  Goal setting is one of the most critical skills any person who is determined to achieve; needs to have.  Yes, I am that person who takes notes a lot, scribbles words down, and draws.  I am that person who makes lists for lists.  I am that person who makes goals, reaches them, and then makes new ones.

Looking back goal setting has always been a part of my life in school, work and sports.  I fully understood goal setting when I began graduate school.  The term was defined and a framework established.  What I use to set my goals is the word S.M.A.R.T.E.R

S= Specific

M= Measurable

A= Achievable

R= Replicable

T= Time Bound

E= Energizing

R= Recorded

This acronym can help anyone to begin fashioning goals.  Goal setting is important not just for individuals, but also for small teams, management teams, in fact any group of people trying to reach a specific outcome.  Shared goals are critical to the success of any team.  If it is not done there is a high chance of failure and misunderstanding, well at least in my mind.

Goal setting can be used to establish long term and short term goals.  Recently I had to submit short term and 5 year long term goals for a grant and for a current job.  Establishing goals allows you to focus your energy towards an end outcome, to me it is becoming a better culinarian and a curler.  In the past few days I feel like I need to re-establish my focus and goals to further hone in on my culinary work.

The most disappointing thing for me is not reaching my goals or shared team goals.  I feel crushed.  I know that I only have partial control over a team goal, but when goals begin to deteriorate because of lack of buy in or vision my heart breaks like a teenage girl dumped at homecoming.  If people you are working with do not have vision or goals to be the best then you are with the wrong people.  Being world class is a lot of hard work, hard thinking, long nights and days.

Good luck with your goal setting.  I’ll be setting new ones very soon.


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