A Name Needed

14 Oct

I put it to my motley crew of friends to see if they could give me a name for this site.  I am partial to the Diabla because of my time at Cinco Lagos; where the kitchen staff names me that.  I fully accepted it and thrived on it.

Now it is grown-up time or something.  So these are the ideas they came up with.

  • Bob Lob Law-Law Blog
  • Billy
  • Super Happy Fun Time
  • Food Rocks
  • The Hungry Curler
  • 8-Ender Feast
  • House Food
  • Chef E’s RecipEs
  • Solid Rock Cooking
  • Sausage Sweeper

So you may have figured out that I am a curler too.  Yes that interesting sport played on the ice.  I am off to St Paul for the weekend to compete.   Besides the curling I will be attending an iron chef competition.  I am very excited to be a part of that event.  I promise to post info on my adventure to the world of cyber space.  See you in a few days.  Good Curling.


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